No news is good news so they say

23rd March 2015
I see people are still viewing the site even though it has not been updated for many months. Thanks it is appreciated. The reason it has not been updated is pretty simple really - my stepfather died 2 years ago and my mother has vascular dementia and so I spend a lot of time in the north of England where she lives helping her to remain in her own home. I had thought it would be fairly straightforward to set up some systems to keep her safe but things never turn out quite the way one expects. Photography may be my passion but family has to come first and at least I am fortunate enough not to be able to do what I can for her without worrying over finances too much but something had to give and it was this site which suffered most. Now to cap it all it seems I require eye surgery, I have all but lost the right eye so as I need one at least to see through the viewfinder I consider it quite important to get the left one sorted.
This has not stopped me from taking photographs but staring at screens is not the easiest of tasks right now. I look forward to sharing some of my images from my small but growing collection of Leica cameras, a true revelation for me personally, I absolutely love rangefinders.
Take care out there and keep on shooting.