The name Fotofobia came about because I really do not like having my photograph taken and someone said I was obviously photophobic so thanks to them for inspiring the perfect name for me.
I started taking photographs many years ago when I used my pocket money to buy a pinhole camera kit. Now - many cameras later - I have recently begun experimenting with a large format pinhole so the circle has completed itself. I have not as yet created a pinhole gallery but this will happen shortly.
I have done many things over the course of my life, soldier, factory worker, nurse, refugee health care, social anthropologist and even a spell as a cinema projectionist. I have accumulated three degrees, two nursing qualifications and a diploma in photography. All life experiences influence us be it consciously or unconsciously and I am no different in that respect and do feel that my work reflects this.
Please browse through the galleries and if you like what you see do let me know (and your friends!) They represent several areas of interest to me and soon I will add a landscape gallery as I do occasionally stray in that direction.